The Holistic Planning Process

The Holistic Planning Process™ is a system that is designed to help co-ordinate and orchestrate the many aspects of a client's financial life into a cohesive whole. The objective is to give a better sense of where you are, where you want to go, and a “plan and a path” for how to get there.

This chart illustrates the many dimensions of one's financial life:

The Holistic Planning Process 1

The Challenge: Most people have many resources and multiple advisers, but their advisers often aren't acting together as a team and their resources aren't coordinated. The client is often left to orchestrate the process themselves without adequate knowledge, time, or desire. They often don't know what they don't know. My role is to facilitate the process that co-ordinates all relevant information to create a cohesive orchestrated plan.

The Holistic Planning Process - Overview


Through our affiliation with Eagle Strategies LLC, our focus is advice, turning information into well-designed, custom-tailored strategies that fit you. With the vast amount of information and products available in today's financial supermarkets, you can pay a big price to try on the wrong solution.

We set our sights in helping you find the right solutions. Whether it's helping you reposition and consolidate your assets or implementing a complex series of tax-advantaged strategies, we'll make it easier for you to make the right decision. Through Eagle Strategies LLC we spend most of our time understanding what's important to you, not the promotion of financial products.

Whether you're the owner of a well-established business, an executive on the fast track, a retired individual or someone about to receive a large inheritance, we can help you gain control over every aspect of your financial life: from personal finances to taxes, investments, insurance and estate preservation.


Making sure you get the proper advice starts with taking an in-depth look at where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow. Helping you reach your destination means guiding you in the right direction, so we don't take any unnecessary short cuts and risk getting you lost along the way . . .

“Am I using the right tax-advantaged strategies to help me keep more of what I earn and invest?”

“Am I taking the appropriate amount of risk with my investment given my objectives?”

“Are my personal and business assets protected from outside influences or unexpected events that could threaten my lifestyle?”

“Is the manner in which I hold title to my assets and beneficiary designations consistent with my estate planning documents?

“If one of us needs nursing care, how will that impact our standard of living- our legacy?”

By keeping you focused on your goals, we help you stay on track. And because we know your objectives may change over time, we approach financial planning as a dynamic, ongoing process that must accommodate changes in your personal circumstances, the tax laws and changes in the economy.


The solutions we recommend and the strategies you decide to implement will depend upon your personal circumstances and objectives. You may choose to work with us on a fee-based comprehensive basis or limit the scope and focus of the plan to help you achieve one or more of the following benefits:

  • Realistic approach to wealth accumulation

  • Enhanced retirement security

  • Reduced investment risk

  • Increased investment cash flow

  • Improved monthly cash flow

  • Reduced taxes

  • Enhanced utilization of company planning options and benefits

  • Comprehensive risk management

  • Enhanced wealth preservation

  • Improved family wealth transfers

  • Better coordination of personal and business assets

Ultimately, our goal is to help you obtain a sense of personal and financial

well-being, regardless of how simple or complex your needs may be.

The Holistic Planning Process

The Six Steps Chart
Benefits of a Holistic Approach to the Planning Process
  • Assists in the Overview, Orchestration and Coordination of Client's Resources and Advisers

  • Gives a Better Understanding of Current Position

  • Helps Identify and Crystallize Objectives

  • Addresses and Emphasizes Managing Risk

  • Assists in Tax Management

  • Provides simplification and Peace of Mind

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